Little Ones Theatre is a queer theatre collective formed by director Stephen Nicolazzo who create camp, kitsch, and erotically charged theatrical events with the potential for cultish fascination. More

“Queer theatre outfit Little Ones is a leading light on Melbourne’s indie scene. These artists thrive on the playful artifice and subversive humour associated with “camp”, but also expand its ambit through meticulous rigour and, more recently, the fullest kind of emotional palette.”,

Cameron Woodhead, The Age

“Little Ones Theatre have one of the most unique voices in Melbourne theatre. Inspired by the 1980s but seen through today’s eyes, their worlds are visually arresting, sexually free and always unforgettable.”,

Anne-Marie Peard, Sometimes Melbourne


Best Director (Independent)

Stephen Nicolazzo, The Happy Prince

Best Set and Costume Design (Independent)

Eugyeene Teh, The Happy Prince

Best Performer (Independent)

Jennifer Vuletic, Merciless Gods

Best Writing (Independent)

Dan Giovannoni, Merciless Gods


Best Female Performer (Independent)

Genevieve Giuffre, Psycho Beach Party


Best Production (Independent) The Happy Prince, Merciless Gods

Best Production (Companies) The Moors

Best Director (Companies) Stephen Nicolazzo, The Moors

Best Performer (Independent) Paul Blenheim, Sapidah Kian, Merciless Gods

Best Actress (Companies) Alex Aldrich, The Moors

Best Lighting Design (Independent) Katie Sfetkidis, The Happy Prince

Best Lighting Design (Companies) Katie Sfetkidis, The Moors

Best Sound Design (Independent) Daniel Nixon, The Happy Prince


Best Director (Independent) Stephen Nicolazzo, Dracula


Best Ensemble (Independent) Psycho Beach Party

Best Director (Independent) Stephen Nicolazzo, Psycho Beach Party


Best Female Performer (Independent) Whitney Boyd, sex.violence.blood.gore

Best Sound Design (Independent) Claudio Tocco, sex.violence.blood.gore


Best Supporting Actress

Genevieve Giuffre- Psycho Beach Party