By Alfian Sa’at


29 June- 14 July, 2012
MKA, Melbourne
4-8 September, 2012
The Old Fitz, Sydney
Director: Stephen Nicolazzo
Set Design: Eugyeene Teh
Costume Design: Eugyeene Teh and Tessa Pitt
Lighting Design: Yasmin Santoso
Sound Design: Claudio Tocco
Stage Manager: Rebecca Poulter
Caitlin Adams, Whitney Boyd, Catherine Văn-Davies, Amy Scott Smith, Genevieve Giuffre, Zoe Boesen and Matt Furlani.
Presented by
MKA Theatre of New Writing


When sex.violence. blood.gore was first performed, it was in a basement, in secret and the company did not advertise. It was 1999, and it was Singapore.

In S.V.B.G enfant terible Alfian bin Sa’at takes the facade of a rigid, orderly society and peels it away to reveal chaotic and climaxing passions.

A repressed Geography teacher reveals her nymphomaniac tendencies to her 10yr old nephew during a visit to her sister. Two capital L ladies from a colonial past yearn for lesbian relationships with their Cantonese maidservants. Japanese soldiers visit their favourite man-whore for one last time after Japan’s surrender. Two working class teens meet a pair of transvestites on an MRT train. And then there is an apparition who is part pornographic star of ‘the World’s Biggest Gang Bang’, part first Prime-Minister of Singapore: Annabel Chong + Lee Kuan Yew. Annabel Lee.

Writer Alfian Bin Sa’at is a Resident Playwright with W!ld Rice. He is a published author, with two poetry collections: One Fierce Hour and A History of Amnesia, as well as a collection of short stories: Corridor. His works have been read and performed in other cities such as Kuala Lumpur, London, Zurich, Berlin and Stockholm.

sex.violence.blood.gore was a critical and commercial hit for MKA Theatre of New Writing in Melbourne and toured to Sydney in association with the Tamarama Rock Surfers at The Old Fitzroy Theatre. It was also nominated for two green room awards including Best Female Performer (Whitney Boyd) and Best Sound Design (Claudio Tocco). The production was also listed as part of the best independent theatre of 2012 by Time Out Melbourne.

★★★★ “both a nightmare and a wet dream…  poetic, hilarious, deeply affecting and decidedly queer… It’s a terrific play, and compulsory viewing for anyone serious about theatre”
Cameron Woodhead, The Age

★★★★ “a seductive production…Catherine Davies is spectacular…Whitney Boyd is hilarious…chalk this one up as another win for MKA.”
Time Out

“The standout theatre production of 2012. It was scintillating, sexy, provocative theatre.”
Chris Boyd, The Australian